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Johann du Toit
Helsinki, Finland


Google Cloud Platform (Serverless App Development)

My Biography

Johann is a globally recognized South African engineer who has worked on everything from embedded microchip readers to leading high traffic news sites with development and design. Actively involved in Launchpad startups mentoring over Africa, helping startups use technologies to delight their customers and find their market fit. Highly experienced with leading departments of teams to successfully launches/operation while always trimming the scope of ideas to a usable, buildable and scalable product. He became the first Google Developer Expert for Cloud in the Africa continent in 2014 and now travels the world with Google to learn from and share his insights with others in the community. Being one of 71 selected individuals over the world selected by Google to represent the company and teach about Google Cloud over the world. Currently consulting through Nordic + European partners to support Governmental agencies and Universities over the Nordics to infrastructure and optimize their data pipelines. The latest experience is moving the Helsinki Biomedical University - High-Performance Computing Cluster to an elastic cloud setup which was used to perform genome research on cancer over 1000’s of cores in an automated way. Was the technical co-founder and CTO for Passmarked (, which aims to improve the web using open source rules, the latest web standards and the collaboration of the global developer community. On top of which he was the lead developer for IO (, a tech innovation business that focuses on building startups that solve interesting problems in Africa. In the past he has built national microchip databases for SSA, encryption software, security tools focussing on SSL/HTTPS and low latency traffic to rural areas. Later moving to head up the Research Department for an Investment firm based in Cyprus working with highly advanced machine learning solutions to problems over Africa. Lately, large parts of his work involve Machine Learning and building intelligent systems. Aside from his tech focus, he is also a trained Design Sprint Master, ITIL project manager, and CBP project manager. Johann is a seasoned speaker at conferences and likes to talk about experiences that help others to avoid the same problems. Having received training for media and public appearances as well.