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Jasper Duizendstra
Deventer, Netherlands


Google Workspace

My Biography

Jasper Duizendstra has a passion for technology. As a freelance Google Cloud architect he handles the architecture choices. He is driven by a desire to understand the pros and cons of available platforms and languages. Jasper worked in multiple countries in many roles. He is a specialist on the Google Cloud Platform and G Suite. He manages or participates in migrations to G Suite or the Google Cloud Platform. He likes hands on work like coding and creating apps or ETL data processing pipelines. As a motivated educator he also coaches developers and supports offshore teams. Jasper worked with clients like The FA, Ahold Delhaize, Paack, pladis, G4S, Greenpeace, PON, ABN AMRO, Amicorp and many others. Jasper works from a home office in the east of the Netherlands.