James Coggan
London, UK


Internet of Things

My Biography

James is originally from Brazil, where he as his father have a supercharged car that they worked together several years ago, from engine forging to fiberglass body changing. Has been involved with technology since he was 14 years old, and the passion to stay connected was strong, that in some occasions used to dial in to the internet on expensive phone rate hours (“sorry mum and dad”). Graduated in electrical engineering, but never worked in the area. His passion was always around embedded devices, linux, and mobile devices. During his career, when Android was starting, a forum called madteam was created , where the main topic was to create customised versions of the Android OS, popularly called as ROMS they reached a peak of 3 million downloads. Because unfortunately James was always working to pay the bills, the forum slowly lost his members until complete shutdown in 2016. Today he lives in London, an amazing city for technology and socialising with other passionate geeks for technology, with addition that he now works sensible hours. For that reason his passion for community returned, and has being doing talks, workshops and other public events around the world.