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İrem Kömürcü
İstanbul, Turkey


Machine Learning (TensorFlow Core)

My Biography

I met TensorFlow with my visit to the Google Developer Day India event in 2017, and then I shaped my career in the field of Deep Learning. My game project, which I wrote partially for visually impaired individuals, was one of my first experiments with Deep Learning, and with this project, I entered the top 24 among 35,000 people and qualified to go to New York from Turkey. I graduated from Düzce University Computer Engineering Department in 2019. I have been interested in Deep Learning, specifically Computer Vision for 3 years. After graduation, I started to work as a Computer Vision Researcher at UHUZAM, Turkey's first satellite earth station. I have worked on Building segmentation on satellite data and I have an article currently under review in the Expert System with Application journal called “Automatic building extraction from VHR Pleiades images using Deep Neural Networks”. Although UHUZAM is a corporate place, I have included various community businesses and organized events there as well. Then, I started work at Global AI Hub. I was an AI Specialist at Global AI Hub, an AI Community company, I made presentations in the fields of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, dealing with communities. In February 2021, I started as a Data Scientist in the Deloitte Consultancy team.