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Homing Tam
Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Google Maps Platform

My Biography

Homing has been into maps ever since he was a kid. His earliest memory is picking up a globe at kindergarten, and discussing "Why the Arctic is not an ocean" with his friend, Lam. True to form, he later went on to study geomatics and did a computing degree at college. His dissertation titled "Online Itinerary Panner" leveraged Google Maps API and the transit data to compute the optimum path for every single tourist hotspot. The findings were presented at a conference, and published as a chapter in a book called "Advances in Spatial Data Handling and GIS." Homing was then recognized by Google as a member of the Google Developers Experts (GDE) community. As a GDE in Maps, he gives speeches, presents at conferences, and works closely with the Google Maps team. When Google introduced the Google Business Photos program in Hong Kong, he also became the first Google Trusted Photographer, authorised to take StreetView-like photos for shops and businesses – including Honda, The Banqueting House and Dr. Martens. Homing is active in the Geographic Information System (GIS) community and Google Developer Group community. Since 2007, he's also helped organize GIS Day, and run presentations on Google Maps technology.