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Guillermo Rodas
Stockholm, Sweden


Web Technologies (Security, Privacy, Payments, and Identity)

My Biography

Guillermo Rodas is a Full-stack JavaScript Engineer from Colombia. Overall in his career, he has witnessed how JavaScript is changing the way we build software in the present and how it is influencing the future. He has worked mostly as a front-end developer on many UI/UX projects. However, don't hesitate in asking him about architecture, brainstorming, product design, Node.js and even about how to learn new things every day. He loves to connect with the tech community and that's why he has had the pleasure to give more than 20 talks in local communities like MedellínJS, MedellínPHP, MedellínJava, and MedellinCSS. He also enjoys mentoring. He has given a Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp at World Tech Makers, recorded four online courses for Platzi and is a mentor in Pioneras Developers and Data Science FEM. His favorites CSS colors are tomato, rebeccapurple, and papayawhip.