George Mandis
Portland, United States

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George is a full stack web developer and creative technologist who's been making things for the web since 1996 and doing so professionally since 2006 when he founded SnapTortoise—his web development company based out of Portland, Oregon. Since then he’s worked with startups, professional sports teams, entrepreneurs, agencies and organizations of all sizes in a variety of capacities, from development & research to consulting. In addition to these things, George also enjoys exploring mentorship opportunities in tech. He's designed curriculum for and led several coding bootcamps in his hometown intended to target under-represented communities in tech. Whether it's online and remote or in-person over a cup of coffee, he is always willing to sit down and help new developers navigate the sometimes daunting world of web development and encourage them along the way. George also enjoys exploring creative, non-traditional applications for web technologies and speaking generally on creativity and programming. He's spoken all over the world on topics that include using MIDI & JavaScript for non-musical applications, turning real-time earthquake data into music and turning scans of his junk mail into art using machine-learning.