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Flávia De Souza Mendes
Munich, Germany


Earth Engine

My Biography

"Flávia started her career in 2007 at the National Institute for Space Research in Brazil. From this moment on, she has accomplished and impacted the geospatial sector in many ways. She learned and added value in important projects and initiatives in the field of environmental protection and climate change in tropical biomes, mainly in the Amazon and Savanna, such as Soy Moratorium (it is an agreement of non-commercialization of soybean from areas that is involved in deforestation). Nowadays, she is working in the geospatial private sector and her experience lies in managing projects and products in forestry (carbon/REDD+), agriculture and land use change using optical and SAR data. Flávia is an active member and enthusiast of initiatives such as Ladies of Landsat (Lead Organizer) and Women in Copernicus that work towards a more inclusive and diverse environment in the geospatial sector. Through her large network of contacts, she connects companies and institutions in Europe with local communities in Brazil for greater development, collaboration and inclusion in the geospatial sector. From a humble beginning in Brazil, Flávia is now making a big difference in the geospatial sector in Europe." (Biography from the Geospatial World 50 Rising Stars 2022,