Femi Taiwo
Lagos, Nigeria


Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

Femi is Co-Founder and CTO of INITS, a Technology Provider based in Lagos, focused on creating innovative and useful solutions in the unique environment of Nigeria. He leads a team of software engineers, managing the development and support of several mission critical projects including OpenVR, the system used by the Electoral Management Body in Nigeria to register and manage over 70 million Nigerians for the elections; and also a Insurance Claims Management System deployed at a national scale. He has spent the last couple of years deploying a number of these solutions on the Google Infrastructure and has gathered extensive experience along these lines, across several languages, platforms and solutions. He is a firm believer in growing the tech community, supporting and giving back to the ecosystem as a whole. This has put him on a path that has made him the Mentor for all the Google Developer Groups in Nigeria. This is in addition to his role as a Co-organizer for the GDG chapter in Lagos. Through this, he has had extensive experience in organizing meet-ups and workshops and engaging several hundreds of developers, graphic designers and technology enthusiasts, both young and old across the entire country and now beyond. His experience with Cloud Infrastructure cuts across several Cloud products, including Google Compute Engine, Load Balancers, Network & Clusters, Cloud SQL, Storage, Versioning, Modules, DevOps and much more. He joins the league of Google Developer Experts as a Cloud GDE.