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Eugenio Marletti
Berlin, Germany


Flutter, Android, Dart, Kotlin

My Biography

Eugenio is a passionate developer who takes every "it can't be done" as a personal challenge – and is not afraid to find creative solutions while doing so. In 2019 he joined JetBrains as a Developer Advocate, focusing on Kotlin/Multiplatform/Mobile. He's been stuck in a love/hate relationship with the green droid since 2011, to the point where in 2014 he relocated to Berlin to join Clue as Lead Android Engineer. In his previous life he worked in Turin, Italy, as a freelancer doing Android, web and desktop development. In parallel, he was playing the role of a designer, photographer and one-man video crew – hence his obsession with UI and UX. Before that he's been spotted doing some bartending and dog training (usually not at the same time). He'll surely deny all of it.