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Eugene Matsyuk
Dubai - United Arab Emirates, UAE



My Biography

Eugene is a passionate Software Engineer, focused on Android development since 2012 when his friend suggested him to complete one freelance Android project. He is obsessed with clean code and unit-tests, and he is one of the first adopters of clean architecture in Russian speaking countries. This love led him to Android Architecture Cookbook containing a lot of useful and checked in a real-life architecture best practices. The current Eugene’s position is Software expert at KasperskyLab. Briefly, he is responsible for simplifying and improving all processes in the development to decrease the time-to-market of features. Last year, he has been focusing on Autotests. It’s so complicated topic required consolidation of leading Russian Android teams to make a significant step forward. Just have a look at Kaspresso, which is a new vision and a new level of autotests in Android.