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Doni Rubiagatra
Surabaya City, East Java, Indonesia


Google Cloud Platform (Serverless App Development)

My Biography

Hello, my name is Doni Rubiagatra from Surabaya, Indonesia. Currently, I am working as a Head of Engineering at Zero One Group. Daily, I use serverless Technologies such as Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Firebase, and App Engine. My main programming languages are Javascript / TypeScript, Rust, Go, and Python. I am active in multiple communities in Surabaya such as (Co-Founder 2016), Data Science Indonesia (Community Manager, 2017), Golang Surabaya (Co-Organizer, 2018), and GDG Cloud Surabaya (Lead, 2019), PyCon ID (Organizer, 2017, 2019). I also spoke at multiple PyCon in Asia such as PyCon Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia (2018), APAC, Thailand (2019), and Gophercon Vietnam (2019). Since 2018, I have worked closely with Google Cloud Platform and right now I am focusing on serverless technology by delivering products with little maintenance on Infrastructure.