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Doguhan Uluca
Washington, DC, United States



My Biography

Doguhan Uluca is a technical fellow for Excella in Washington, DC. He is an expert at full-stack JavaScript, Agile and cloud engineering. Doguhan believes in the power of open-source software, contributing to the community with libraries and tools published for JavaScript, Angular, Node, and MongoDB. As an author, he has published two books with Packt, including the best-selling Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications, a paper on ACM and articles on IT Pro. Doguhan is an active participant in the DC tech community, founding and organizing the Tech Talk DC and Angular DC meetups. He enjoys teaching developers, new and experienced, about software engineering from fundamentals to advanced design patterns, focusing on implementations that are easy to learn and maintain. Doguhan organized the DC Full-Stack Web Summit. He has presented at conferences, such as Ng-Conf, Angular Mix, Angular Denver, CodeStock, deliver:Agile and Agile XP. Doguhan enjoys recording music, and playing Go, in addition to being an avid mixologist.