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Christoffer Noring
London, UK



My Biography

Christoffer is a full stack web developer with a strong focus on web and front end technologies. He has worked for small and large clients all over Sweden helping out with everything from sql to css. At Softhouse Christoffer is a passionate developer, educator and blogger. He strongly believes in democratizing knowledge and making it available to people in all walks of life be it a graduate from University, industry active professional or other. He shares what he knows and learns at meetups, conferences, courses and blogs. He also provides mentorship to other meetup organizers as well as people trying to land a job in IT. Currently he organizes 4 meetup groups with a total over 1100 people and counting.. All made possible through the support of his employer and also equally passionate co organizers He strongly believes in fighting the good fight and would jump at a chance to spear or help out with fundraising, finding talent or mentor startups...