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Changwook Doh
Seoul, Korea Republic of


Web Technologies (Capabilities & Installability)

My Biography

Changwook is a dedicated software engineer worked in mobile area for a decade and a half. He's currently working for e-commerce company with developing proximity awareness. Previously, he worked in different mobile areas such as game, virtual machines, platform, tools and HTML5. He loves evangelizing HTML5 technologies by presenting, writing articles and other activities. Since 2013, he did creating translations of HTML5Rocks & Web Fundamentals into Korean, and coordinating translation process to support other contributors. He recently takes a big interest in everything can be used to implement natively web app. In his spare time, Changwook is enjoying to contribute to community events as a member of GDG Korea or writing code for his toy projects. When he isn't in front of keyboard, he's reading fantasy novels, watching movies/dramas with his wife, maybe. He always welcome anything about game development, HTML5 and related things.