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Carlos Daniel Munoz Idarraga
Medellín, Colombia



My Biography

I'm a software developer who has been working since 2011 with native Android, mainly using Java, and most recently starting to use Kotlin. I love sharing Android technical stuff in my Twitter account and my Medium profile. Also I'm very active in the Android Community in my city: I've founded Medellin Android Community, the local meetup focused mainly in Android Dev and also of Droids4Droids Colombia, an international conference focused in native Android and cross-platform development. In both I'm also a current organizer. Besides I've had the opportunity to share part of my knowledge being a speaker in different Android conferences not only in Colombia but also in different Latin American countries such as Droidcon Santo Domingo and Droids4Droids Guatemala. Even I work remotely, I enjoy to share with people ideas and analyze things for my job then working on co-working spaces and similar environments are part of my daily things. I love to read every night, jog in the mornings and playing bass guitar.