Aung Kyaw Paing
Bangkok, Thailand



My Biography

Been an active member in the Android community for over 7 years, where 6 years was spent working as Android dev at one of the largest software agencies in Myanmar.. Software development to me is a craftsmanship. I do more than code, I craft solutions. Aside from my professional career, I am a believer in contributing to the community. I run a personal blog, where I write about technical knowledge as well as personal opinions on software development. In addition, I regularly participate as a speaker in local community events as well as APAC events such as Droidcon Philippines, DroidYangon, Google DevFest, Developer Conference Myanmar, Barcamp Yangon and many more. Moreover, I and a friend of mine are hosting the first ever Burmese Tech Podcast, Techshaw, where we share knowledge about everything related to technology. Last, but not least, I also release tutorials at my Youtube channel in Burmese language for local developers to learn about Android Development.