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Asmaa Ibrahim
Qesm Awal AZ Zagazig, Ash Sharqia Governorate, Egypt


Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

Actually, I believe in community support since 10 years till now without a plan to join big program or big names. And, I still remember my first activity to build Openstack community in Egypt by running workshops in different Egyptian universities like (Cairo, Ain shams, Monufia, Minya, Assiut, Alexandria, Ismailia….). I can say that my first passionate is about Cloud Computing. But, Now I give more focus to Machine Learning & Data Science. From the first moment, I am convinced that cloud technology will do a radical change in the application hosting. So, I have kept learning and share what I have learnt through conducting trainings, workshops & bootcamps, in addition to giving talks and publishing three research papers around this technology. Besides that, i have to go deeply in Docker, BigData & recently machine learning which are supported by the existence of cloud computing. Being a ML Solution Owner in vodafone, allows me to own designing, architecting Machine learning management platform on top of GCP. This platform is integrated with different on-premise solutions inside my organizations. These solutions have ML capabilities too. Believing that Keep learning and sharing what I have learnt is an endless journey.