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Angelica Oliveira
São Paulo, Brazil



My Biography

Biography I've been working with Android Development since 2012. In this period I've worked mostly in Startup and Consultant environment, building new applications for various kinds of business, since educational, health, financial, and commerce. Also, I had the opportunity to work in some huge existent projects, helping them in re-thinking its architecture due to a refactoring strategy. Besides developing new features for Android applications, I also could work building a CI/CD environment for Android Applications, making various steps from the ground, as automated test coverage, custom gradle tasks to automate the app version updates, app distribution via Firebase or Google Play, lint checks, etc. In this time of experience, I worked in small and large teams, as a developer and more recently as a technical leader in larger projects, helping the teams to work aligned with best coding practices, and helping developers to solve technical problems and security issues. Also, I am an active person in developer communities, making tech contents, presenting talks in small and large conferences, writing Medium articles, implementing sample projects, and sharing with the community via Github. I am part of a GDG located in São Paulo, organizing especially Android Meetup events, and I am part of Kotlin Meetup too, helping in the organization of Kotlin events. Then, I am a mentor of some new Android Developers, mainly girls, giving them valuable tips about how they can succeed in a tech career, and helping them to be more confident about their potential, even if the situation in tech communities is not so easy to them, women at the beginning of their careers.