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Andrew Haskell
Cambridge, MA, United States



My Biography

I am a web software engineer at Diffeo, a startup in Boston, and have been a Gopher since 2013. In addition to Go, I have also been learning about frontend engineering and blogging about what I have learned about it, to tell the "Tales of a #SurfaceGopher". In addition to coding, I am all about community, working on both the organizing teams for both the Boston Golang meetup and Boston's Global Diversity CFP workshop. This is also why I am a content creator, writing blog posts and talks to make it easier and more fun to tackle the huge software engineering ecosystem. The community is my favorite part of Go, and that's saying something when the language itself is so awesome! When I'm not out in the coding community, you can find me running in the Boston area, cooking, playing video games, and being the "cool older brother" for my dog, Lola the Micropanda.