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Anas Raza Firdousi
San Jose, United States



My Biography

Anas.R.Firdousi is a software enthusiast and JavaScript veteran. He has over a decade of experience building scalable enterprise applications for fortune 5 companies. He is an Angular advocate and active member of Angular community in Bay Area, California and local Angular JS community in Pakistan. Anas founded and manages Angular Pakistan including all meetups, events, and workshops for the local Angular community in Pakistan. Anas also manages Angular community relationships in Pakistan bringing in top software companies and universities on board for regular meetups. Anas has also helped critical teams at Apple Inc. and PayPal in adopting Angular as their main front-end framework. Anas also manages JavaScript and Angular meetups at Apple bringing in both internal & external talent together. Anas has given talks on Angular related subjects at numerous conferences across the globe including but not limited to ng-conf at Salt Lake City, Angular Connect in London, Webinale in Berlin, Google Dev Conference in Minnesota, ng-conf extended in Pakistan to name a few. Angular frequently speaks at meetups in the bay area(SF and south bay)and gives online talks at Angular Pakistan meetups.Anas also blogs and do frequent write-ups about Angular and related technologies. Anas also helps university students in the bay area as well as in Pakistan adopting Angular as their first web technology to work on. Between 2012 and 2017, Anas has taught Angular to over 500+ university students and beginners in Pakistan and in the bay area (SJSU).Anas is currently helping the Angular Pakistan community on key projects including localization of in Urdu language and creating a resource management tool for all Angular conferences. Anas also manages the social pages, slack and website for Angular Pakistan. Anas is the process of arranging the first ever open source software conference in Pakistan in 2018 (OS Conf Pakistan) which is themed around Angular, JS Tooling and UI/UX.