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Amorn Apichattanakul
Bangkok, Thailand


Dart, Flutter

My Biography

Over 13 years of experience, I focused my career exclusively on mobile development. 13 years with iOS, 1 year with Android, and the last 3 years with Flutter. For this reason, I decided that It was 13 years now, and I am a senior developer. I should be ready to share my knowledge and help other developers move forward like myself in the past. Then I started sharing knowledge by writing articles, creating a VDO online tutorial, sharing knowledge with students on how to begin with Flutter, and public speaking for Flutter. I focus on sharing knowledge based on mobile security and iOS implementation with Flutter. In my free time, I consistently enroll online courses and learn something new that can "connect the dots" with my mobile development skills, such as Machine Learning on the device, AR/VR, and data analytics.