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Allen Firstenberg
New York, NY, United States


Assistant, Google Workspace, Identity, Internet of Things, Wearables

My Biography

By day, Allen is a Senior Project Engineer at where he's been instrumental in creating websites and mobile apps for companies and organizations, ranging from the American Booksellers Association to the National Science Foundation. By night he dons his super-coder cloak and creates tools, software, and tutorials to help people share their stories and improve their digital lives. He's also the co-author of the O'Reilly book called "Designing and Developing for Google Glass". Allen is both a Developer Expert for Google+ and Wearables. He was inspired to join the Glass Explorers program when he realized how intimate and personal – yet inherenly social – Glass would be. His goal is to help people use Glass to find experiences that can be achieved in no other way – whether it's how they ineract, play games, or just record precious moments in time with their families.