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Al Kari
Portland, OR, United States


Machine Learning

My Biography

Organizer, TensorFlow-Northwest User Group and a SME in Open Source, A.I. and Cloud technologies. As CEO and Principal Consultant at Manceps, Inc., Al helps enterprise customers on their digital transformation journeys; focused on blending Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Cloud Computing and Big Data technologies. Al started his career in the mid-90s as a software architect by founding Softwarehouse, overseas before moving to the United States, and later held product and services leadership roles at Dell, Inc. where he helped build the company’s virtualization and Cloud Computing services portfolio. Later, Al co-founded DetaCloud, a boutique OpenStack engineering powerhouse, then he joined Red Hat as a Principal Cloud Architect where he was responsible for helping customers build enterprise ready Cloud infrastructure. Prior to founding Manceps, Inc., Al worked for Microsoft as a Global Cloud Evangelist, where he helped top tier ISV partners onboard on Microsoft Azure Platform.