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Agnieszka Naplocha
Warsaw, Poland


Web Technologies

My Biography

Aga Naplocha is a coding designer with a strong focus on UX-related issues, currently working at Adobe in Warsaw, Poland. She is the co-founder of The Awwwesomes–a non-profit organization teaching how to create awwwesome things on the Web, organizing coding (HTML&CSS) workshops and numerous meetups in Poland. Aga tries to bridge the gap between design and development, strongly believing that designers and developers should learn from each other. In her free time, she indulges herself in organizing various events. In 2018 she joined the Front-Trends team and co-organized of the biggest front-end conferences in Poland. She is also the co-organizer of Element UX Talks – Polish conference for UX designers and researchers. She is the author of the featured online classes published on Skillshare focused on CSS animations, front-end coding, and web design. Her works & articles were published in the net magazine. As Aga really enjoys sharing her knowledge, she enthusiastically speaks at many conferences for designers, startups, and developers around the world. She likes traveling, taking pictures and posting them on The Awwwesomes' Instagram. The things she loves are gifs, dark chocolate, pink color and Wes Anderson's movies.