DevFest is a global community-driven tech conference, hosted by the Google Developer Groups (GDG) community. Each DevFest event is crafted by its GDG organizers to fit the learning needs and interests of their local developer community, with a strong focus on knowledge exchange, networking, and learning about Google developer technologies.

What to expect at a DevFest

Worldwide events hosted by the Google Developer Groups community, featuring leading experts on Google technologies.
Full-day workshops, hands-on experiences, hacking and debugging events, all centered on your favorite Google technologies.
Panel discussions, Q&A sessions, meetup groups, project showcases, coding workshops, mentorship sessions, and more.

Find helpful solutions and resources

Develop for a range of audiences and form factors.
Create fast, secure sites and apps for the open web.
Bring the power of machine learning to apps and workflows.
Simplify and scale end-to-end development.
Join a local group and meet local developers with similar interests.