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Zbigniew Woznowski
London, Poland


GROWTH: Fundraising, GROWTH: Marketing, PRODUCT: Development


Zbigniew is the CEO and Co-Founder of Reality Games, a mobile gaming studio creating games based on Big Data. His flagship game, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, has over 10m players worldwide. Under his leadership, he has helped grow the company’s organic sales by 10% per week for roughly the last 2 years. Additionally, he is a creator and majority shareholder of Big Dots - the first human generated blockchain. Before these current roles, he spent 12 years as the founder and CEO Supremum 360, a marketing syndicate that he led to a successful exit. Zbigniew was the former Director of the Polish Promotion Programme 2020, developed at the Kosciuszko Institute in Krakow to promote Poland globally.