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Vivian Gomes
San Francisco, United States


DESIGN: UX / Interaction, DESIGN: Emerging Technology, PEOPLE: KPIs / OKRs


Vivian is the Chief Design Officer and head of User Experience at HFR&D, an innovation, product and solution design studio from Bangalore. He previously created his own startups and worked with Hallmark and Disney to design greeting cards and movie merchandise. His startup later worked with HP to set up design divisions, build teams and design labs redefining consumer electronic products and experiences. Vivian is an internationally well known design mentor, a futurist designer and innovation evangelist. He is currently is a member of the MIT Global Technology Review Panel and a board member at UXQCC (Austria), a global Non-profit UX certification. He helps organizations of all sizes with training, design strategy, team building, innovating using Human Centered Design. He considers every problem a design problem and is passionate about using hands-on approaches to bring forward solutions, evangelizing culture change transformation through Design across the world. He often reaches out to help communities. mentor students and volunteer at non-profits.