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Vinoo Chacko
Bangalore, India


GROWTH: Fundraising, PRODUCT: Management, GROWTH: Business Development


Vinoo is the Founder and CEO of GetStandingOvation, a design studio used by global CXOs & Founders. Previously, he was the GM for New Initiatives at Cleartrip. As an alumnus of the Indian School of Business (ISB), he has held product, technology, strategy, and operations roles at various organizations. Over the last 3 years at GetStandingOvation, he has served as a consultant for startup founders and has helped global companies strategize and craft persuasive presentations for fund-raising rounds and critical sale meetings. Recently, he was recognized by Dave McClure (Billionaire Investor & Founding Partner 500 Startups) for his work re-designing the foundational concepts in Product Management and Product Marketing for startups - "The AARRR-Pirate Metrics."