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Vinicius Caridá
São Paulo, Brazil


TECH: Machine Learning, PEOPLE: KPIs / OKRs, TECH: Big Data


Vinicius Caridá, resident in São Paulo/Brazil, Computer Engineer, Master and PhD in Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence. Head of Digital Customer Service Platforms, PCP, WFM, Data and AI of the largest bank at the south hemisphere. Professor at the MBAs of Machine Learning, Data and BI at FIAP. AWS Machine Learning Hero, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in AI, Google Developer Expert (GDE) in ML and Google Startups Advisor/Mentor. Community Leader of AWS user group SP and TensorFlow user group SP. More than 12 years of experience in IT and artificial intelligence applied to control systems, recommendation systems, natural language processing, virtual assistants, chatbots and the entire cycle of MLOps. Strategic vision in conducting Tech, Data & AI to leverage business solutions. Believer in Tech, Data & AI to impact people for a more fair and evolved world. Participation and contribution in national and international conferences/events and in the technical and scientific communities. Lover for knowledge and innovation.