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Vikram Tiwari
San Francisco, United States


TECH: Architecture, TECH: Machine Learning, TECH: Big Data


Vikram Tiwari is co-founder, tech at Omni Labs based in San Francisco. At Omni, Vikram manages all things tech. His team is working towards “Personalizing automation for the web” to help empower how we work. Professionally Vikram’s work has been focused on the intersection of the web, cloud, and machine learning technologies. He has a strong focus on making highly available, resilient, and secure products. Vikram has a passion for contributing back to the community through public speaking and content publishing. He has reviewed several books, published multiple blog posts, and spoken at 50+ conferences over the years. He is also a Google Developers Expert for Cloud and Machine Learning for the last few years and actively mentors individuals, startups, and nonprofits.