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Udi Salant
Tel Aviv , Israel


DESIGN: UX / Interaction, DESIGN: Research / Testing, DESIGN: Visual / Interface


UX consultant based in Israel, Owner of Salant ID, a Product-UX-UI boutique studio (5 employees) which specialize in SAAS platforms, and IoT Apps. Salant has vast experience in helping startups, entrepreneurs, and digital teams to tackle and solve UX issues or dilemmas when working on their newborn product or service or a revised version of their product. Experience in UX for areas of activities such as: Cyber-security, fintech, legaltech, traveltech, e-commerce, gaming, project-management, website builders, online marketing, insurance, Ai & Analytics, navigation, and many more... Lecturer at the communication faculty at The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Former roles: Director of Digital Platforms, Yellow Pages IL, Product lead, Duda.co, Product-UX Department Manager, Pelephone Telecommunications. Holds a Master of business administration from Tel Aviv University and a B.Sc in Art & Design from Holon institute of technology. Proudly to participate in Google activities as a Mentor since 2014! Skateboarding addict, still practice it today (: