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Thabang Wessie
Johannesburg, South Africa


PEOPLE: Operations, GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Marketing


My name is Thabang Wessie, born and raised in South Africa. I am an experienced marketer and sales strategist with a passion for new and innovative ideas to complex problems (that's what keeps me going). Currently exploring a new challenge in the Payments sector as the COO of a tech startup called Whoosh Innovations, which is providing great joy and satisfaction not only with the task at hand but also the opportunity within the solution. I hold an MBA from the University of Pretoria as well as a Honours Degree in Marketing Management and undergrad degree in Business Management, so my specialities largely lie in the following fields: - Business development - Marketing Management - Sales strategy development and execution. Apart from a minor stint in forex banking, my career and professional experience lies primarily in the FMCG environment where I held various positions related to sales and marketing. I then transitioned to the tech space where I helped co-found Whoosh where we build payment solutions for B2B and B2C markets, and are also alumni of the Google for Startups Africa 2021 cohort. I'm an admirer of great things and great people with a mission to leave my own positive impact within the space I'm in and people I interact with. Beliefs: 1. Never give up (tenacity and perseverance is key) 2. Stay healthy in Mind, Body & Spirit (seek a balance across all 3) 3. Stay positive and do good