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Soham Mondal
Bangalore, India


TECH: Development, DESIGN: UX / Interaction, DESIGN: Research / Testing


Soham is a Founding Partner at Triveous and loves to be at the intersection of Product Design and Engineering. He has worked with companies like Google, IDEO, FREND, BharatAgri, and others on building mobile-first products and frameworks across almost every sector, be it fintech, edtech, social, or commerce over the past 10 years. (a chronology of his work is accessible here: Soham is also a Lead Anchor Mentor at the Google For Startups India accelerator program and has been associated with them for over 6 years. He also was a Google Expert for UX and is an organizer with Blrdroid, one of the largest android communities in the world. There he has partnered with companies like Google, Samsung, Intel, Uber, Flipkart, and others to conduct 100+ meetups over the last 10 years.