Serban Constantinescu
London, UK


TECH: Architecture, TECH: Security, TECH: Performance


I build the infrastructure for the Android Operating System. From kernel and low level libraries to runtimes and virtual machines. I work closely with developers, OEMs and chip manufacturers to bring the latest technologies to Android users. Before Google, I used to work for ARM, the worlds most used processor architecture, where I led the product development for the ARMv9 architecture been the Tech Lead for ARM's contributions to Android and ChromeOS. Most of the products I worked on have been 0 to 1 which makes my experience very relevant to startups. You can ask me anything from validating a product idea to building a team and assessing your product-market fit. I am entrepreneurial and enjoy spending time with early stage startups and other entrepreneurs -- which is what I do in my spare time -- mentoring early stage startups on their path to product-market fit. Drop me an email if you'd like to chat -- I look forward to it.