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Saagar Chugh
Bangalore, India


DESIGN: UX / Interaction, DESIGN: Prototyping, DESIGN: Emerging Technology


Hi, I am Saagar Chugh and am currently a lead designer with Paypal. I am certified Human Factors professional and love solving problems that can simplify the lives of millions. I've been working on the enterprise as well consumer spectrums for almost 15 + years now. I enjoy and specialise in: - Simplifying and bringing clarity to complex situations - Understand and shape your product vision and help express your vision with beautiful designs, demos and apps - Expert evaluations of your existing product and taking it to the next level by creating a product design strategy and executing it. I believe that true innovation and great design means more than sketching a UI/idea. It requires deep insight, close collaboration and coordinated execution with an iterative approach When I am not designing and mentoring startups I love to travel and try various cuisines.