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Prabhanand Babaladi
Bangalore, India


TECH: Architecture, TECH: Security, PRODUCT: Management


Senior Software Product Engineering Leader with 18+ years of management, hands-on technical leadership and product building experience with a passionate and entrepreneurial attitude. Having experience in bringing products from concept to release in early startups to well established MNC's. Dedicated, driven, hardworking individual with the intercommunication skills to work at all levels of the organisation. Extensive experience in architecture and design of enterprise class and cloud-based software. Extensive experience in setting up new engineering teams, knowledge ramp-up and hiring. Managed co-located and remote teams with direct/indirect reports - Design and development of products from scratch. - All the flavors of cloud i.e. PaaS, IaaS and SaaS for public, private and hybrid cloud. - Developing applications using micro services architecture with cloud as back end - Containerization technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS - Designing IoT pipelines using open source/enterprise solutions - Migrating On-Prem Applications to Cloud - Setting up Data Lake and designing ETL process - Enterprise Architecture, OOPS, Design Patterns, and Agile scrum - PKI, Authentication and Authorization, Identity Management, System Management, and Virtualization. - Design and development of Storage Engines for MySql, MariaDB and MongoDB. - ML/AI Algorithms and Platforms - Leading team for FIPS certification. Good understanding of security concepts –OWASP, encryption, 2-factor authentication etc. and networking protocol specifically Sockets, TCP/IP, and UDP. Conceptualised, Developed and managed various in-house tools for Scale, Performance tuning and Functionality testing and for and troubleshooting customer issues Technologies/Frameworks used : C/C++, Core Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, Swing, Hibernate, Spring, JDBC, SQL, Ant, XML, OSGI MQTT, HiveMQ, Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Storm, AWS , AWS Security, AWS Kinesis, AWS Firehose