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Paco López
Málaga, Spain


TECH: Architecture, TECH: Performance, TECH: Security


Paco López was born and raised in Cádiz (Spain) and currently works as SWE in the Virustotal team, based in Málaga. Even though his education was focused on software development, Paco's career has always been related to security and infrastructure. He started from the ground up as an anti-fraud operator in information security firms. Soon he jumped to the infrastructure teams, where he learned how to operate, design and implement large distributed systems for malware and fraud analysis, among others. As a special landmark, for his academic work he designed and implemented an early detection system for fraud and malware based on complex event processing. With this poly-faceted background, his current mission is to ensure a top-tier performance in the Virustotal analysis backend. This includes developing instrumentation code, metrics and monitoring. He also works in improving testing and operations. He has also been giving technical talks in several cons, such as Black Hat USA Arsenal, Security BSides Málaga or OpenSouthCode, and seminaries in Universities of Málaga and Cádiz. Aside from that, he spends some of his free time hunting down sneaker grails, having long hikes with his family and training with his dog, Django.