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Osarumen Osamuyi
Lagos, Nigeria


GROWTH: Fundraising, GROWTH: Partnerships, GROWTH: Brand


Osarumen Osamuyi works on the Commerce/Messaging Partnerships team at Facebook. Immediately before joining FB, he worked as Head of Venture Growth at early stage venture firm, DFS Lab, and continues to serve as an industry analyst covering technology in Africa. Previously, Osamuyi was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at Africa’s Talking, an IFC and Orange-backed communications infrastructure company, where he led market insights and special projects for international expansion. Immediately prior, Osamuyi was Head of Investments and Research at Nigeria-based early-stage VC firm, Ventures Platform, and in November 2016, he won Africa’s first virtual reality hackathon as part of team LEVRN. In addition, he is the author and founder of The Subtext, a business/strategy publication about the African internet industry, and serves as a startup success mentor at the Google for Startups Accelerator.