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Ogochukwu Osifo
Birmingham, UK


TECH: Development, PRODUCT: Management, TECH: Architecture


Francis Osifo is an award winning tech entrepreneur with a decade worth of product development experience. He is currently the Vice President of Engineering at 54gene Previously, his work has equipped leading organisations across Africa with solutions that have enabled them to translate business requirements to products; taking into account the current and future trajectory of its operations. He has led teams to build solutions for Visa, Microsoft, DFID, Private Health Alliance of Nigeria, to name a few. In 2015, he was awarded the winner of the AppCircus Challenge representing Africa at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. His work has also earned him multiple awards from Future Awards, Africa for his contribution to innovation and technology across the continent. Francis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from National Open University, an alumni of Lagos Business School and Fate Foundation. He is passionate about empowering Africa’s youth by sharing his knowledge and learning on innovation, technology and career sustainability. The products he has built have gotten local and international recognition for innovation and performance. He is an alumni of Fate Foundation and Lagos Business School.