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Maud Nalpas
Berlin, Germany


TECH: Security, PRODUCT: Privacy, TECH: Development


Maud is a developer relations engineer for privacy and security at Chrome. She's been living in Berlin for 7 years. She speaks German, English and French. Since her start as a software engineer in 2014, Maud has worked at both fast-paced startups and large tech companies. She has written code for a variety of projects⏤a web viewer for medical images, a financial planning software, a chatbot backend and frontend, a web app and mobile wallet for self-sovereign credentials⏤with technologies such as React, Angular, RoR, node, and the like. As a former startup employee, Maud has experienced first-hand why fast feature delivery matters to startups. But she's also observing how critical privacy has become for consumers⏤everywhere, but especially in Germany. Today, Maud focuses on helping web developers make their products private and secure for their users.