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Matthijs van den Berg
Utrecht, Netherlands


PEOPLE: Management, PEOPLE: Development, TECH: Architecture


Matthijs is a Customer Engineering manager in Google Cloud for an expert team in the BeNeLux region. He has IT and business educations and a background in IT for his whole professional life. His expertise is mainly in IT infrastructure and Cloud Computing. Previous companies included Citrix (application delivery controllers) and Nutanix (private cloud) as well as being self employed. From a management perspective Matthijs is passionate about growing, coaching / learning and management In his Customer Engineer / Sales Engineer life he has build experience with convincing customers, translating technology to understandable pitches and convincing stories to have business value. From a technical perspective he has a personal interest in tinkering with IOT / edge computing and 3D printing. Fun fact is that Matthijs used to be a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years. A passion that never burns out.