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Marcela Gutiérrez
Mexico City, Mexico


GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Partnerships, PEOPLE: KPIs / OKRs


I am Marcela Gutierrez, and I am the founder at Lamarch, a boutique consulting agency focused in designing & executing programs to connect startups with enterprises. Some clients include: Google, Wayra, Mexico's Entrepreneurship Institute, The Coca Cola Company, Tec de Monterrey, the Monterrey Digital Hub, INCmty, MTV, FEMSA and Continental. I have a bachelor degree in International commerce, although my professional experience has always orbited around entrepreneurs and how to provide them with the best tools and connections to succeed. My areas of expertise are Communication, Business development, Strategic partnerships, and pretty much anything involving meaningful networking as a tool to reach your business goals (talent attraction, funding, commercial, etc). I also collaborate with Axialent, a consulting firm on Cultural Transformation, where I am building (and soon will run) a community of enthusiasts of Conscious business. My superpowers are identifying exceptional talent, building meaningful relationships that foster growth, and experience design to facilitate transformation. I love animals, plants, nature, music, and I am obsessed with understanding human behavior. I volunteer at Pelican Bay State Prison through Hustle 2.0, a program that aims to reduce crime, violence, and recidivism in prisons. I also volunteer at Pet Hope, a foundation that rescues dogs and cats from vulnerable situations and offers them a brighter future through responsible adoption. And last but not least, I support in many ways initiatives to empower women and end gender violence. Always willing to help women with advice, mentorship and/or connections. Fun fact: When I was a teenager, I stapled my own finger just to know how it felt like. Ps. Don't do this at home.