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Juliana Uribe
Medellin, Colombia


PRODUCT: Development, PEOPLE: Management, GROWTH: Business Development


I am Juliana Uribe Sánchez, I'm from Colombia and I'm the founder and CEO at Ondana. A 5-year-old company where we develop and commercialize the best of the natural tropic for beauty and wellness products and experiences. I'm an International Business Administrator and before founding my company I worked for companies from different industries as pharmaceutical, food, hotels and more, always in the commercial specialty, focused on finding new business opportunities as a business development specialist. At Ondana, we are hard and strategically working to grow our products portfolio and to internationalize our business moving to the US market and some other Latin-American countries. My interests on one side, aside my professional life, is to help other people with new ideas on their own businesses to achieve different goals and on the other hand is to help myself evolve constantly throughout the different moments and experiences life gives me, people to be known that always have lessons to learn, books to be read with stories and interesting data. I also love nature, travels and new adventures; always looking for something that makes me feel alive.