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Juanita Ordoñez
CDMX, Mexico


PEOPLE: Management, GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Marketing


Lifexplorer entrepreneur passionate for the convergence of education, tech and innovation. For over 12 years Who-anita has been creating intrepreneur marketing, digital and sales go-to-market strategies in mid of the fast paced, multi-demanding and highly changing tech environment as an advertiser, agency, and publisher team member of top leading multinational and new economy companies. As well, she is passionate about emerging markets transformation with extended experience of the Latin American landscape. Last but not least, she is a lifelong learner passionate for the personal development as a practice to continuously build her next better version with the support of her partner and 2 kids while building her social food print through education; discovering new places; trying new flavors; decorating spaces; hunting art; participating in public forums and practicing sports.