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Juan Leal
Málaga, Spain


DESIGN: UX / Interaction, DESIGN: Research / Testing, DESIGN: Visual / Interface


Juan Leal has been involved on digital product design for almost 20 years (when it used to be called Human-Computer Interaction). He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics from the Technical University of Lisbon. After a period at IconMedialab Lisbon, he moved to Madrid to manage the Product Team at, one the most renowned real estate portals in Europe. After serveral years at, he created his own digital studio ( and for more than 12 years he has worked or mentored more than 100 companies and startups (Wallapop, Fintonic, Woom Fertility, Mr Jeff, Nokia, Santander bank, BBVA bank, Pull&Bear...). Juan is also an official member of the Google for Startups mentor's pool, sharing his expertise with emerging startups from EMEA, Latam and Africa. As a Business Angel Juan loves to invest on startups that help to humanize modern world (he calls it "humanizing modernity"). Juan's profile at LinkedIn: · UX/Product consultancy since 2008. Clients: Fintonic, Wallapop,, Cornerjob, Criptan, Eurekakids, Eroski Group, Woom Fertility, Darwinex... · a group of digital nomads with no office, no legal structure and no bosses. Just expertise. · a learning space around New Technologies and Design.