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Jooyoung Jang
Seoul, Korea Republic of


DESIGN: Research / Testing, DESIGN: UX / Interaction, PEOPLE: Development


Jooyoung is from South Korea, where she was born and raised until she moved to the US to get her PhD in cognitive psychology from the university of Pittsburgh. After graduated, she made a bit of career transition into the field of UX, as she was attracted to the beauty of creating simple solutions to complex problems. She worked at Samsung SDS and Coupang, before she joined Google in mid-2022 as a senior UX researcher for YouTube UX. She is in the YouTube Horizontal Insights Team that strives to deliver foundational user insights applicable to all teams across the YouTube UX. As the first Korea-based UX researcher, she works on finding and delivering insights about Korean YouTube users. She has experiences in B2B and B2C UX research and design. She enjoys defining problem, finding constraints, incubating and testing creative solutions. She helps design teams to understand users’ needs and context using mixed methods of research and implement the findings into the design details. Outside work, she likes reading books and binge-watching TV shows and dramas.