John Farrell
Mexico City, Mexico


PEOPLE: KPIs / OKRs, PEOPLE: Operations, PEOPLE: Management, PEOPLE: Development, PEOPLE: Hiring, GROWTH: Fundraising, GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Partnerships, GROWTH: Brand, GROWTH: Marketing


John Farrell built his career in the Telco, Internet and Media industries over the last two decades. Now he participates actively in the emerging startup ecosystem in Mexico as General Partner in two of Mexico’s leading venture capital funds, Dila Capital and Angel Ventures, and as the Founder and Managing Partner of YaaX Capital. For the last 12 years John worked at Google. He joined in 2004 as Director of Business Development for Asia Pacific and Latin America to expand Google’s content network for ad distribution, establish partnerships with wireless carriers, and acquire content for services such as Maps and Video. He also spent one year in China to develop reseller channels and grow the advertiser base. In 2008, John was appointed Country Director for Mexico, where he managed sales and operations for one of Google’s fastest growing markets, and contributed to Google’s strategy in the region. Most recently, John served as Director of Youtube Latin America, responsible for developing audiences and growing Google’s video display business. In this role, John worked with the leading media companies, music publishers and labels, and with a new generation of content creators. Prior to Google, John worked for Televisa in Mexico City. As Director of Business Development, he led initial efforts to create social networking and mobile content services. John also co-founded Adetel, Mexico’s first prepaid Internet service provider, and he played a business development role at Iridium in Washington DC where he helped to develop the world’s first satellite messaging service and established distribution agreements worldwide. John holds a joint MBA degree from the University of Texas at Austin and ITESM