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Jimena Viñas
Ciudad de México, Mexico


GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Marketing, PRODUCT: Development


Jimena Viñas is an impactful Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Consultant. She mentors and coaches people on how to turn their passions and expertise into profitable and sustainable online businesses, while also startups and established businesses to scale their online ventures in a strategic way. She co-founded a consulting company and EdTech academy in Boston, USA. She is also a speaker and mentor in Singularity University and Google for Startups, she mentors promising leaders and startups on how to launch and scale their ventures while having a positive impact in the world. Jimena was a Senior Business Development Leader and Entrepreneur with experience that includes a six-year tenure at Google in dynamic roles of increasing responsibility while also serving as a New Business Director and key member during Yunus&Youth. In addition to her Business Development and Consulting responsibilities, Jimena has served as the regional leader for career development and team enablement initiatives, responsible for training and mentoring internal Google sales teams. She has also designed, launched, and led several learning and development programs, including an academy that held 10 events for over 200 C/B-level executives. Jimena also served for 3 years as the Google.org Program Manager & Social Impact Lead for Google Argentina and Mexico where she was responsible for partnering with social ventures and local organizations, developing an impactful volunteering strategy for 400 regional employees. During Jimena's tenure at Yunus&Youth, she was a key member of the social business accelerator supported by Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus to grow early-stage social enterprises across the world. I love to cook, travel and help people to turn their passion into a profitable business.