Jessie Ching
Hong Kong, Hong Kong


GROWTH: Marketing, PEOPLE: Development, PEOPLE: Management


My name is Jessie Ching, based in Hong Kong, currently working at Google Customer Solutions managing a sales team to bring consultative solutions to scaled and small sized business clients in Hong Kong to grow their overall business through digital advertising solutions in searches, displays and videos. Prior to Google, I have moved from banking to pursuing a MBA at INSEAD, followed by roles in consulting and travel/ tech. I have rich experience in creating and implementing sales strategies for market(s), with skills in market analysis, strategy development, sales coaching and team building and management. My current role requires high level of people skills as a people manager, coach and trusted advisor to clients. My biggest passions are in sales (which to me is a people business) and people development. Being able to connect with others and make a personal impact on the growth of their business or personal development keep me motivated. Fun Fact: I am currently pursuing a Master in Counseling as it allows me to gain another perspective on how to empower others.